Scales and smaller beings

Oooh, I see I’ve not posted here since the end of May, for which misdeed many apologies.  With this mixed bag of photos I’m going to owe someone another apology as it involves a dead slow worm and a large caterpillar, so please take that as a heads up notice 🙂

Slow-worm, plant and caterpillar

Some weeks ago we came across this poor cat-mauled specimen in the roadway.  We knew we had slow-worms around and about in the undergrowth along with the toads, frogs and sand lizards but, despite the “worm’s” name it’s a legless lizard I think.

Having got scales on the brain from one set of photos, the Crocosmia just coming into bud next to the slow worm struck me as looking similar in many ways, and the third set of photos is of today’s find of an elephant hawk-moth caterpillar – such a large chappy.

A flowing line or two

I’ve added links for bigger versions of the last two images below if you wish for them as not all of us like gallery views and are not comfy with finding the full size link down below each gallery image.

photo 5

photo 6 


Pink wall in the rain

theinfillclicks and theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche House - clematis in the rain

On a dull day (two days ago?) clematis luminescent in the rain

Morning garden

to view a larger version click on image and go into gallery view, scroll down a little and click ‘View full size’ on right

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