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Disconcerting view

Looks like major surgery

theinfill - butternut quarter

Sometimes, when preparing food, I can go right off the idea.


To the party of the first part …

… you know what?  I posted the wrong photos.  Red face, acute embarrassment.

So here’s a Saturday bonus to clutter up your lives  🙂

theinfillclicks - prickly beautytheinfillclicks - furry friendtheinfillclicks - very painterly helibore

theinfillclicks - garden needs cleaning out

And the garden needs cleaning out

So sorry

Camera conclusions

The patient has taken on water

Having run a further number of tests, admittedly using the limited range of settings I prefer, the conclusion is that we may have cleared this side of the lens but that moisture may be lurking ‘on the other side’ – pause for heavy music.

So, what we got are images between certain focal lengths that, more or less no longer have extra fuzzy edges, but back off from this and, with all amendments made to settings, the world goes not quite right.  There’s certainly something in there that may, or may not dissipate.


theinfillclicks - hairy furry anemone

A few moderately OK pics:

theinfillclicks - the next generation of plant

theinfillclicks - stone crop on walltheinfillclicks - moss with mites

theinfill - only just about in focus

Bad day focusing. Only one of eight tries anywhere near OK

We still  have the Minolta DImage, our first digital camera, bulky but a good friend.  Its downside, beyond size and weight is the memory.  Compact flash (ha ha) and very small memory allowed.  OK if you do lots of web pics, but only one and a half good-sized images.  I’m building up muscle, even as I type, in order to be able to cart her around again and see what I squeeze from the old girl.  (Erm, I think she still works.)

Was just comparing the sizes of an original compact flash and the micro SD – laughed so much I dropped the dratted little thing and spent five minutes trying to pick it up again.  Getting old.