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How to keep your feet dry in a storm


theinfillclick - Datcha market, Turkey - a rainy day

Small part of image but some fun to share this Saturday morning – and boy oh boy did it rain that day.


A potter round the flower bed on a stormy afternoon

Vivid colour – dark and heavy weather

Blue in the afternoon

theinfillclicks - vivid blues

theinfillclicks - receiving close attention

Pink through red to orange

theinfillclicks - the clashes of colours in the delicate centres

theinfillclicks - and the plant that won't go away

Brightening the day

Frilly and proud of it

theinfillclicks - frilly and proudtheinfillclicks - brush effect to delicate petals gives 3D

Made second run slightly 3D with brush effect to give the flimsy outer petals a little ‘body’.  Strange colour, neither lemon nor green, six feet tall, opening, as you see into something both busy and delicate from a bud that looks like a cross between a sunflower and an armoured thistle head.

theinfillclicks - closed bud