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Septembers and a contrast – around and about

Last year

Various experiments with photos at long range with and without zoom  using point and click camera

On a gloriously sunny day, we went scrambling up Ros Castle (I mean why take the path, says S? Sheep tracks are fine. Sheesh – that depends on how long your legs are when scraping through the heather).

The colours, however, were wonderful.

theinfillclicks - Ros Castle, Northumberland, Iron Age fort sitetheinfillclicks - Ros Castle, Northumberland, Iron Age Fort sitetheinfillclicks - Ros Castle, Northumberland, Iron Age Fort sitetheinfillclicks - Ros Castle, Northumberland, Iron Age Fort site

Not as clear as it can be, but the soft colouring of the countryside was very comforting as the year turned to autumn.

This year

Heavy rain has filled the streams and rivers.  None of them large, but they can still cause endless havoc when they flood.  After bad flooding a few year’s back, earth barriers were built to protect the homes within reach of an overflowing river, and the bank edge was designed to give at a particular point further along to allow prevent a bottleneck, and let the water fill the farmland bottom.

theinfillclicks - 2012 and too much rain

  This has worked but unfortunately higher up, banks are giving way and taking largish trees with them, causing further blockages and damage lower down.  Today, tree clearing went on to prevent more trees trying to sail to the sea causing mayhem on their way.

theinfillclicks - 2012 and too much raintheinfillclicks - 2012 and too much rain

Meanwhile, the river is ignoring the central span of the stone bridge and building an island for itself.

theinfillclicks - 2012 and too much rain


Throw a tall shadow

theinfillclicks - country walk

Casting a shape like a flying horse

theinfillclicks - country walk

it could throw a tall shadow

A moment to pause and breathe clearly in this often hard pressed world

Oh, what a tangled …

Across from our small cottage garden is a country lane verge.  For many years this was long grass and adventitious plants which tended to get used as a loo for every walked dog  in the area, which was a ‘swine’ if you happened to be playing ball in the lane or wanted to talk to the neighbour over the wall.  So one year we dug it up and I planted it with everything I could get my hands on that would spread and mix interestingly, in a vague hope that –

  • the smellier plants would put the dogs off
  • the semi-cared for look of it would put the dog owners off

The young fruit trees were eaten one hard winter by the wild goats, but on the whole, though not pretty, it has worked, and gives colour of one sort or another year round.   It’s become a survival of the fittest amongst the plantings; is full of amphibians, and its growing chaos brings happiness to my life, blueberries and gooseberries in season and such strong herb smells that, every time I kneel down to see to any tidying up a bit, it makes me think of the line “ I know a bank where the wild time blows“.

theinfill - roadside verge planted up with spreading plants

Looking up the lane along some of the verge

and looking down


 And on a different note, whilst I’m at it, another ‘share’

Occasionally we become temporary hosts to racing pigeons who stop off for goodness knows what reason.  I suppose over the last 30 odd years we’ve had 10-15 or so.

The data we have for contacting local fanciers’ clubs to come and rescue the hesitant flyer is now out of date, and this pigeon has been here for 3 days and does not have the look of being on the move, more one of eying up the local ‘talent’.

I’m not usually one to share the moving and philosophical  moments I come across, preferring them more as an internal experience.  But on this somewhat fuzzy headed morning, whilst searching for websites to locate a local fanciers’ club, this link popped up – you may, or may not, have already seen it.

Can’t find a date on it so it may be old news.  I hope it helps bring a smile to your day and apologies if you’ve already seen it, but you can’t have too many smiles pass through your life, can you.


Wild Rose Rescue Ranch – Noah and Bunnies
yes, it’s in Texas, but the Scottish pigeon club is spreading the word.

PS: no sooner had I typed this than away the pigeon flew.  Hopefully that will soon be one relieved pigeon owner, but I hope the delay won’t bring ‘sadness’ to the life of the pigeon.