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A ‘little divil’ of a photo subject

Orange miniature rock daisy

It sits there in its pot, looking cheery and obliging, but take a photo, and focus and light balance go phut.  The bloom is about 2-3 cms in size and luminous in the centre.  Great fun to play with as an exercise but a ‘little divil’ of a subject.

Photos taken on a dull day

theinfillclicks - miniature rock daisy

Friendly little flower, working hard at filling its flower pot.
Here we have one that’s “going over” – silky petals with a luminous centre area.

theinfillclicks - miniature rock daisy - glows by itself - greyscale

A younger bloom, greyscale, glows all by itself – the little so and so.

Makes note to self:

  • good focus on fleshy leaves, but where’s the flower?
  • Must try harder.

Dried flower pod or escapee from Babylon 5

Playing around and having fun during a much needed break from heavy, heavy work moving stones outside, I decided to use a dry seed/flower head, that’s been lying around for at leat a 12 month, as my subject.

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Back to work – but does it remind you of one of the Vorlon type ships from Bab 5?


Around and about

Shadows, lines, aslant and not

theinfillclicks - useful storagetheinfillclicks - jorizontal bales and vertical lighttheinfillclicks - all aslanttheinfillclicks - fingers aslant