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They build them to last

theinfillclicks - garden wall, English/Scottish Borders

Looks like it's not going anywhere - you certainly wouldn't argue with it

theinfillclicks - fallen stone wall - English/Scottish Borders

Then again ... time and tree roots
Top half of same wall with lovely shades of soft moss greens and browns


Observation at twilight

A minor exercise in low light photography with basic pocket digital camera

Sometimes playing with one subject can be very interesting; changes in light and approach alter ones perceptions. This interesting gentleman caught my eye in the fading light.

Things ain’t what they might seem

Walking slowly through the city as dusk falls and after a splendid meal, we came across this sad and worried face.  Who is this fraught individual memorialised in his distress?  A great composer, architect, academic?  What great works has he inspired and created?  Does he not seem to cry?

theinfillclicks - Mystery face - bronze-copper, Durham - photography

The hard life of a planter cum jardiniere

Lion man with his burden of plants – it’s a lonely life out in the rain.

theinfillclicks - Durham photography

He shines with determination in the light

theinfillclicks - photography flash and low light exercise

Dancing in that early morning

Late miniature daffodils

theinfillclicks - garden photography - macro

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