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Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, Sevilla

There are many wonderful photos of the Cathedral in Seville to be found in books and on the web and yet I still have the temerity to post our personal set of snaps with a particular point of view.  It starts by pivoting on my heel 180 degrees from facing Ms Haversham’s abode (previous posting) in order to walk along this face of the Cathedral.

Walking round the outside, first impressions are of an extraordinary mixing of shapes and ornamentations with one amazing piece of work cheek by jowl against another.

Externally it’s v much a wedding cake of a place …

theinfillclicks - a wedding cake of a place

… that has attached itself to a medieval tower, begun in 1184.

La Giralda’s, first two-thirds were a minaret and it is used now as a bell tower.

theinfillclicks - La Giralda in relation to this side of Cathedral

And inside it is gloriously decorated.

theinfillclicks - in the Cathedral - Seville

The roof shapes, arches and buttresses are full of detailed work and shaping that we humans can barely see.

theinfillclicks - the courtyard of Cathedral from Giralda bell platform

From the top of La Giralda you look down into the Cathedral courtyard, full of Seville orange trees, and across many of the roofs of the building complex.

There’s flat roof areas with supporting structures and buttresses.

theinfillclicks - roofs of Cathedral, Seville

And areas that echo the shaping of Cardinals’ hats.

theinfillclicks - roof area detail 2

And domes of various shapes too.

But up in La Giralda there’s the bells.

theinfillclicks - the bells in La Giralda

Intricate carvings, ironwork and mechanisms all amongst the brickwork.  And video cameras everywhere.

theinfillclicks - La Giralda bells details

Whilst inside the flights of fancy just flow…

theinfillclicks - intricate bobbling detail

… and the light is magnificent, with occasional strange results.

theinfillclicks - sun thro an upper windowtheinfillclicks - shadow on a Cathedral pillar


Miss Haversham strikes again

Yes, it’s wrapped in a veil

theinfillclicks - Seville at the corner of the Cathedral

A couple of years or so ago we were in Seville – an amazing and enjoyable city.  One of the buildings, right by a corner of the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede on the same side as the Giralda minaret, was a house under renovation.

I’d never seen a whole building wrapped in a net veiling until then.  Everything around it had already been put to new purposes, painted up and generally renewed.  So the one individual, dark, brooding, Spanish/Victorian looking and heavily veiled standing in the shining row definitely brought on thoughts of Charles Dickens and the Haversham bitter doom.

On closer inspection

theinfillclicks - Seville and Miss Haversham

The netting folds catch the light and softens the lines of decay.

You can sense the cobwebs, mice and old wedding cake from here.

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Sun and colours

A quick skive from gardening – just too hot.  This is March at a latitude of 55 degrees north, in the hills and it’s not supposed to be as hot as June/July at the moment, but it is.  Not a passing sun with a damp chilly breeze so jumpers have to be hand, oh, no.  It’s  truly as consistently hot as June usually is here. Not a complaint, just a concerned consumer and observer.  Many plants are being ‘brought on’ ahead of time by the heat and the warm earth.  When the weather breaks there could easily be frosts to come.  New and delicate plants don’t usually get put in the ground for another 2-3 weeks or so around here.

The light is blinding and colours of the spring and late winter flowers fantastic.  In handling the images, the first thing that strikes me is how the hirsute nature of bits of the plants becomes more self-evident.  All very necessary but makes watching small insects navigating their way v amusing.

If you click on one of these images it will open up a gallery containing further hairy and not so hairy specimens.