Hebe Armstrongii

theinfillclicks and theinfill - photo blog - Hebe Armstrongii

As taken tho rotated thro 90°

I love Hebes and until I plumped for the full uncontrolled mini cottage garden look, we’ve grown and lost a number of them over the years.  The winter wind just burns them out.  So now I have 2 types, both evergreen: one has small glossy leaves and is horizontal and slow growing (well I keep it in a pot), and the other, also slow growing is scaly looking.  Both have small bright white flowers early in summer.

Here we have the scaly friend Hebe Armstrongii, never an easy subject to photograph.  It’s not that it gets up and walks around nor is it particularly given to blowing in the breeze.  It’s the scaly branches and the bright, bright white miniscule flowers that defeat me.  The plant must be 10-15 years old by now, has been moved 2-3 times and is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches, its flowers being between  ¼ and ½ and inch.  The way it grows gives it a swirling look.

The above photo has been rotated through 90° but otherwise not adjusted in any way.  Blaring flowers screaming at you whilst the branches disappear into gloom.

theinfillclicks and theinfill - photo blog - Hebe Armstrongii

This digital treatment has given it a rather pretty “embroidery” finish, but, unfortunately, it still makes your eyes water.


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