Short-term cobweb memory – corny but oh, so true

Where did I put the book to get the camera to take the picture … ?

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(Yes, it’s another cobweb picture.  And I will clean my windows.)

The alarm went off at 05:30 today, (don’t ask) so I get’s up, have breakfast, and take the last morning beverage to the computer.

Come 8-ish, I’m thinking I should be getting the day wound up and on the move here, probably starting with a general bathroom call:  in fact definitely starting with a general bathroom call.

A not so memorable sequence

(please feel free to take notes)

I drop into the bedroom, early morning reading matter in hand, (yuk, I know, already) to gather up a good, scratchy bath towel (I like them that way, not your soft ‘n fluffy sort – but that’s a different problem), and in order to do this the blinds need raising to cast some murky morning light on the towel hunt. Up they go and there, framed against the sky, is the above item.

Camera!  Return with camera; take picture; start morning revving-up process once more.

No book.

Where did I put the book to get the camera to take the picture to get the towel to go to the bathroom with?

Hunt the memory cells

– I mean book

Step retracing on a major scale.  Twice: thrice.

That general bathroom call becomes more, well more …  .

I tell self that I’m not allowed to go to the bathroom until where I put the book is remembered.  Can you believe it that I’m actually channelling my mother over when I can go to the bathroom?  And I’m older now than she ever reached (bless her heart).

Time to take a breath. It’s a book and it will turn up:  and then, headless chicken time passes and there it is.

All I had to do was get hold of the idea of really looking and thinking in a co-ordinated manner.  Easily said – rarely the first ‘port of call’ when misplacing the bits and bobs of life.  All because I failed to watch what my hands were doing whilst my mind and feet were heading off, with urgent purpose, somewhere else.

Anyway, it was happy and safe and had taken up temporary lodging with the towels.

And the minute I touched the book I remembered putting it there.  Honestly.

Now, just where did I put the camera?


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