Where’s Toad-ie

Lush under and over growth – small pond

He is there somewhere

theinfillclicks - toad and very small garden pondtheinfillclicks - toad and very small garden pondtheinfillclicks - toad and very small garden pond

Long range, long arm shots of 12″ pool made from flower pot well sealed at the bottom.  We put a plastic pot inside a more decorative terracotta one – not that you can see either pot now the foliage has developed.  The outer pot is larger than the water carrying inner, and has soil and some odd plants in it.  It gives another place for toads and frogs and other cool seeking items to hide.  Each year I clean it out (or try to) and add fresh oxygenating plantlets to the freshened water, ‘service’ the solar pump, and each year there are toads in it and around it.  They breed in local gardens with bigger ponds and live the rest of the year where they can.  The roadway needs signage in the spring for the toads, as they make their way back to the larger pools.

Whilst sitting keeping company with this little being, up popped another, slightly smaller one from the water, but it wouldn’t stay still long enough for distance photo shake.  The water is probably about 12″ deep with rocks and gravel taking up quite large areas, and most of the rest is filled by the old solar pump, so goodness knows where they hide down there.


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