Welcome mat – part III

Down by the side of the ivy overgrown store runs a stream, on its way through the graveyard

theinfillclicks - photography in the dark

Very dark and noisy – water rushing and foaming.

theinfillclicks - image rotated, unamed, untweeked

Image rotated, unnamed, untweeked

In adjusting the image for a little more definition, the water became fascinating – it has the look of a Victorian drawing from a weekly melodrama, where the heroine stands by the rushing torrent etc.  Believe you me, even this small stream made a terrific sound in the echoing tunnel of low bushes crawled through to take the photo.

Illustration for a ‘Penny Dreadful‘ or a Victorian Melodrama

theinfillclicks - The foaming torrent

The foaming torrent

The soft feathers of foamy water as they spray the rocks and the blurring of the waters as they flow down from the fall have all the feel of a drawing.  This is how it came out on the image – there has been no alteration to the look other than colour and contrasts.


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