A busy day on the High Street, Ephesus

Meanwhile, the sensible sought a little shade

theinfillclicks - cat at Ephesus

No felines were harmed in the taking of this photo, however odd the juxtaposition of rock and cat may look

And the super strong held up the leaning stonework

theinfillclicks - Ephesus

Both when you are very young and as you get much, much older, your brain questions what you see and sometimes misinterprets it.  Knowing someone who once said ‘What a lot of people there are pushing that bus’ on seeing a bus queue, I always have this in mind. With profound apologies to the two lovely people in the above photo, but on viewing it for the first time, for the life of me all I could see was the woman on the right holding the stone in a balanced position whilst the gentleman on the left was taking a drinks break.

Everyone heading down hill towards the library

theinfillclicks - Ephesus - crowd heading towards the Library

theinfillclicks - the Ephesus Library jigsaw

Did they have a picture ‘on he lid’ to work from for this jigsaw puzzle, do you think?


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