When is a dome not a dome?

Cathedral of the Assumption in the Citadel of Rabat,

Gozo (Ghawdex) – Malta

theinfillclicks - trompe l'oeil dome

Trompe l’oeil dome – Rabat was also named Victoria, by the British but the local population have mostly stuck to Rabat, unless talking to tourists when they might use both names

Think I took this one and Steve took the movies we’ve got of the ceiling.  He wisely went for the moving image as it seemed to capture light better and, although lower res, is less grainy than this still image.  Ghawdex I believe is an ordinary western alpha representation of the Maltese name for the island of Gozo.

Many of the Maltese we met in Valletta who were working with the tourists, seem to be able to speak in a combo of their own language, Arabic, Italian, French, English, Spanish, German and Greek  with the odd Scandinavian language thrown in.  Eavesdropping on them serving in shops and restaurants is an awe-inspiring experience as they switch from customer to customer or table to table always remembering who speaks what;  and then, when the next client comes along, rewriting that memory with the appropriate language for the new conversation.


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