Before the Ancient Egyptians got a-building

The Megalithic Temples of Malta

‘The oldest stone buildings in the world’

theinfillclicks - you take one end and I'll take the other

Just how big is this?  Well let’s just lift it and place it 6 inches to the right, do you think?

Have you ever been to Malta?  We’d never been before but selected it because of the history and, of course, the archaeology.

Yup, more piles of rocks.  But these you have to see to believe.  Here are a few images of a couple of Malta’s cliff top temples.

The two, on a cliff on the main island, are under ‘canvas’.

theinfillclicks - cliff top temple - Malta

Lower temple tent from path down from top one – a long, hot walk in the open.

theinfillclicks - info 1

theinfillclicks - Cliff top temple

Some perspective of the size of the stones now, after millenia of cliff top wear

theinfillclicks - Lower temple layout

theinfillclicks - lower cliff temple, Malta

Honey glow of the stone below the tent roofing

And then there’s the Tarxien Temple, and Ggantija too, not to mention the Hypogeum (said to be the only prehistoric underground temple in the world) and all the finds in each of these.  Quite an eye opener for those of us who’ve only trawled the shallow end of the available ancient archeological info that floats around for the public.


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