But then there was the bug in the bag.

Snatched snap

theinfillclick - large beetle, unknown

Nosing along, legs moving like crazy. Very shiny under he particles; reflecting light off all the curves.  Seems to have what looks like a damage point in centre abdomen casing, just short of mid-way down length from front of head section.

Approx 1.5 inches long and furiously trying to find a way out. Was shoveling out sand mix from next bag on when movement caught my eye. There it was scurrying around.  Nearly fell in trench with surprise. Camera out of pocket, quick click and on with the shoveling. Oh, yes, the beetle disappeared below the layers of stones before it could be rescued. Thought it best for beetle if it found its own way out rather than my causing a rock slide on top of it whilst trying to assist.  Not one I can remember seeing before what’s with the frilly orange antennae?



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