A small corner of the garden

A wet plant area where toads hide out

theinfillclicks - wet area plants

The small area is waterproofed lined with pond margin plants placed around a flowerpot pool with further planting. Shade provided by overhanging plants and close planting of big leaf specimen.

Venturing out in search of more flies for lunch, the toads are drying out and dying.  Emergency major soaking required at Toad Corner.  A week’s worth of hot weather with no overnight showers is playing havoc with the older toad population that lodges here.

Strong light and water

Due to strength of light, photographs look milky or fuzzy in the small image of the blog page, frustrating, but blow up brings each scene into more immediacy. Quite pleased with the definition of light and shade, water and light which can be missed in the smaller sizing.

Here’s the fern on its own in colour and grey with an extra ‘happenstance’ photo giving added meaning to the phrase ‘electric light’.  Again, I like the greyscale, though it loses warmth and summer.  S prefers the colour.  Different look for different purposes.

theinfillclicks - fern with water droplets

theinfillclicks - fern with water droplets greyscale

theinfillclicks - greyscale light on water sprayToad Corner

theinfillclicks - wet area of garden placed for toads to hide out

Spot the luminous bells


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