Shoe fly – a real one

Minolta DiMage S414

theinfillclicks - trying out Minolta DiMage S414

Great UK size 3 casual leather lace-up – not so great the fly, but not bad for an early shot

In 2003, on one of those ‘if you can find this cheaper anywhere we’ll meet it’ purchases, I strode out looking for a bargain.  I went to a branch of a well-known camera chain (now sadly deceased) and flashed my computer printout ‘cheaper’ info at them and became the proud owner of the bargain priced DiMage.  They threw in a bigger memory card (ah, well with hindsight Compact Flash seems like an elephant in the camera now) and gave a good offer on a bag and a couple of other things.  Never having owned a camera that actually was meant for me, I was so ‘made up’ with my chunky new friend I just about went everywhere with it for a while, leaning slightly to the left.

This image is from not long after the DiMage joined the family:  a morning walk to a nearby hill-top where we used to take our breakfast and watch the world come awake.  As macro is close to my heart, the moment this fly was noticed, out came the camera.

Nice bit of leatherwork top left, is probably the kindest comment.

theinfillclicks - Minolta DiMage S414 - front

theinfillclicks - Minolta DiMage S414 - view of top controls

theinfillclicks - Minolta DiMage S414 - back view


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