Things that stop me in my tracks

Sunday morning rant

There are many things in the world that stop you in your tracks on any given day.  We all have our own and they should stop us and make us think and hopefully act, where appropriate.  There are others, however, that vary from person to person even more.  You know, the trivial ones that sock you in the brain whilst you’re going about the mundane rubbish  of modern western life.

This one is, of course in a supermarket.  It may be very common, but on Friday night I looked up and there it was for me – my first time of noticing.  I know it has its amusing side – but really?

Just what is wrong with the human brain that marketing has become so essential that pseudo classes and phyla have to be established for cereals?  Have we become so dependent on others’ advice that we are now incapable of reasoning what a cereal is without this in-depth and deeply thought out guidance?

Someone is getting paid to do this  Is there nothing they can think of that might actually be of healthy use?  Let’s follow their logic. Hang a sign saying “Dangerous cereals”, perhaps.  How’s about getting fascist all over some of the makers’ recipes?  That would do for a start.     Hmmmph.  Going now, before I burst a blood vessel.


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