Confused plant

Aquilegia – not only do they look strange, they move about

This is one heck of a confused plant.  Named for petals shaped like an eagle’s claw, its common name, Columbine, apparently means dove or pigeon.  A meal all in one for the eagle?

theinfillclicks - alien shaping at back of columbine

Was it a Dr Who character who had this shaping at the back of its head?  Some sort of lizard markings to the pointy chinned face, I think.

theinfillclicks - alien trumpeting its presence

There’s a surprising hairy and almost a juicy look to the surface of this plants petals

theinfillclicks - water collection in columbine petalstheinfillclicks - a speaker of a shape - aquilegia flower

Am developing a whole theory to be called the transmigration of plants based on how, at the end of the season I move the Aquilegia backwards in the flower bed about 18″ and each spring they come up, in line with where they’ve been moved, but right at the front of the bed. Seedlings would be random, sprouting from stray and remaining roots would be in the place from which I dug ’em up – this is ‘other’.


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