Anyone round here seen a carpet?

theinfillclicks - caravanserai, Mugla Turkey

Looking very like the hotel or place to rest for travellers and traders it was supposed to be, with small rooms at both levels, this caravanserai seemed to be entirely dedicated to active commerce.

theinfillclicks - caravanseria, Mugla Turkey - along the balcony

Not sure if this is an entirely modern build or one of the two restored C18th caravanserai in Mugla, Turkey

We did buy a very, very small modern rug  to go on a bench seat.

I wish we’d had the pennies and carrying capacity to bring this one home.  I do like the Quashqai style designs and worn, domestic carpets.

theinfillclicks - old carpet in caravanserai, Mugla Turkey

  • Not trying to sell Quashqai rugs, but this website link to a furnishings warehouse has a broad description of  the area, people and rugs they produce, if you’re interested further.
  • Mugla, Turkey re the comment about date of the caravanserai

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