Why do lots of our town houses have plastic doors

when there are so many other possibilities?

theinfillclicks - new doorway Mugla old town, Turkey

New in an older tradition

theinfillclicks - courtyard doorway, Mugla old town, Turkey

Older and in working condition

theinfllclicks - old gateway with new sat dish - Mugla old town, Turkey

Lovely in its flimsiness with a nod to the contemporary with sat dish

A rant in the name of the aesthetics of ‘doordom’

I don’t know about around your neck-of-the-woods, but in towns and cities here (and even rural villages, where they are allowed to make the change) more and more doorways and windows are magically turning to plastic.  Now I understand the window thing, and some of the designs are pretty good and mimic the wood they replace fairly well plus many of us have white window ‘woodwork’.  I only wish we could use them round here where the constant yearly painting of 8 x 12 pane glazing astragals is a real drag.

But the doors.  Give me strength!  What’s with those designs?  Narrower so no one can ram/break in, with wider outer frames so that there’s a secondary bigger opening possibility (?!?) and pretend classic decoration but totally out of proportion.  They all seem over ‘gussed up’ designs with nowhere to go.  And the thresholds are lethal, particularly to bifocal wearers, may I say, plus they leave no foot space on the outer step edge. This means that shorties like me have to either balance precariously or try to make the stride out in one.  Not good for the short of  leg, bifocal specs species.

Now the door/gate designs above are to Turkish inner forecourt gate type doors and have their own hazards and I’m not actually advocating we turn to these, but don’t they look as though they are doorways as opposed to kiddy house mouse holes?  There are plenty of wooden door designs around, so why pick ones that don’t narrow and elongate too well.  Why not even, may I dare to say, invent something that looks OK in that weird set of dimensions, if it must be that shape?  I mean, I’m just putting it out there; silly, I know and no offence meant.

I’m also aware that, in this world, we should be thankful that we have a door, on a dwelling, that we can enter and shut and be relatively safe.  I’m in the luxurious position of living with an impression of having a home and therefore have the leisure to generally lash out.  Basically having a kniption fit over aesthetics and bad design in the general market place.

A matter of personal preference, I know.  There are a number of sales images around, some of the designs look really interesting, until you see them in the ‘flesh’.  The proportions of these inoffensive design doors appear so crushed into the narrow, heavy frame that it even makes you want to stand with narrowed shoulders and squigged-up face as you think about passing through one.

They also don’t do so well in very old, warped and wiggly buildings that have suffered subsidence. If you put in a wooden window or door you make it fit so that the visuals are not quite so disturbing.  A bit of carving here, a bit of rectangle warping there.  Plastic windows and doors are not so obliging and do look odd with all the infill needed around them  to make them fit what is no longer a ‘squared’ corner aperture.  Do you make the filling white to match the new item or grey/red/brown etc to match the building?  Usually the former which then adds to the oddity of appearance of the plastic item.

So, if you’re listening out there and for those of us, in a position to have a doorway but not a lot of money, who fancy the idea of a no-paint, no-rot door, can you please design something that isn’t quite so headache making to look at, so depressingly narrow in proportions and ankle breaking in use?  Oh, and develop a plastic material that is UV OK and in a variety of colours, please.  It’s not as though the white ones are colour-fast, truly colour-fast.  Despite the advance in plastics, they seem to yellow and discolour still.  So go for it, perhaps a fading green might actually look interesting, you never can tell.

All this forthwith preferably, and get it on the market at a reasonable price for folk to use?

I thank you.

ps:  We’re not allowed them around here but I think I would like a simple vertical plank look in light brown on the greenhouse/porch, if we were to be a granted permission.  Thanks.

pps:  I’ve no idea why I just went off like that when there’s so much that really matters in our world and that is worth the indignant energy outburst, but I think I’ve had just one narrow plastic doorway too many and must learn to cut down or give them up entirely.


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