That ‘after the party’ look

A change of mood

Floral confetti strewn by the wind from magnificent trees.
Snowing white and many shades of pink.  Bruised blossoms lying, fading and rotting.

theinfillclicks - cold wind confetti theinfillclicks - cold wind confetti greyscale

Never one to waste an opportunity to fiddle and play with a digital image, taking a fairly acceptable photograph and bothering it into something it was never meant to be, I set to.

Foreground/background, random/design

The flowers and petals lie at random all along the grass verge as viewed in the original photograph.  But when made a negative image the grasses drop back and the flowers/petals enter a different, more ordered existence, whilst the grasses (both green and dry) form a gentler cradle – more of a print design.  Happy to grab at this opportunity to play with colour-ways as though it were a repeat fabric print, I while away the good times experimenting with digital software – an old Paint Shop Pro.

The ‘mood’ changes that come with each tint and treatment are very interesting;  each has its own ‘story’.

Here we have original (above), greyscale, negative colour (original).and negative greyscale (below).

theinfillclicks - negative to colour image theinfillclicks - confetti greyscale negative

Followed by the colour neg treated with the colorize tool.  This works through a rainbow light range, more or less (but starting and ending with reds), from the first red to yellow and so on, missing out orange more often than not.  It can all depend on the original tints of the image as they will influence what is possible in the colorize shading.  Here we have the first red, un-enhanced by further fiddling.

theinfillclicks - confetti neg colorized first tint

Those that follow have all had saturation enhancement and further histogram adjustments to add that certain velvet to the central bloom.

theinfillclicks - confetti greened theinfillclicks - confetti between the blue and violet range
theinfillclicks - confetti falling though the violet range theinfillclicks - confetti at the end of the rainbow

And all from one glorious tree, on a dull day, rustled and bustled in the spring winds.

theinfillclicks - a blaze of blossom blowing and dancing in the wind


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