Wandering the streets – April – Seville

Easter Holy Week had just come to an end. We’d been in Madrid during the celebration.  Seville was busy with white vans and pick-ups clearing things away.  The celebrations had involved hundreds and hundreds of chairs and many sets of raised seating, so corners of streets were lined with piles of each, ready for storing till next year.

theinfillclicks - taking advantage of the temp street funiture

theinfillclicks - fter the Easter celebrations and coffee houses

It gave the city squares and street corners a look of building work or street hordings being cleared.  Restaurants, coffee houses and cafés abound:  some work-a-day and some smart (as one above).

The streets were a mix of the familiar and the less well known, with lots of architectural interest in the older parts and plainer modern items slotted in, gradually becoming the blander faced, new build you find almost anywhere, as you move out from the centre.

The following are mostly from the streets around the Cathedral and central business and shopping areas, with the mix of the classical Mediterranean and the Moorish.

theinfillclicks -  icecream coloured alley ways - bays balconies and pillar capitalstheinfillclicks - trams no carstheinfillclicks - the design of what I think was a confectioners at street level

This  run of shops, ending in the bathing suit dome, is immediately after the photo above and swivelling to the right, so it finishes off part of that street before it ends in a plaza.

theinfillclicks -  detailed work everywheretheinfllclicks - many jetted bays

theinfillclicks - mall or bus station with hanging plane

On a walk down to the river we spotted this – the back view of Plaza de Armas buildings.  I think it’s a mall now but was a station or may be still both, but am very uncertain, even though we went inside. I’ve included it for its shape but also for the aeroplane hanging inside.

Cut from the above, here it is and I’ve still no idea why.

theinfillclicks - and the hanging plane

Rotating right and facing the river, there’s a more industrial view.  The light was pretty hazy, at evening time by then and the colour version didn’t improve much so it’s been greyscaled and charcoaled to bring out the linear design.  It is a totally different set of design parameters, harking back to the 30s – 50s which caught my eye as it stood proudly on the far bank.

theinfillclicks - greyscale and charcoaled 2


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