Calm and beauty, history and power – Alcázar Seville

Another personal view of a spectacular place.  The Alcázar in Seville is still a royal palace and a set of buildings I warm to more than the Alhambra in Granada.  The gardens of the Alhambra a magnificent and breathtaking but cold and a little forbidding.  Whereas the Alcázar has all the magnificence and contrasts but on a more logical scale.

Everywhere there are internal gardens and at different floor levels, with occasional vistas into the larger garden outside.   And water:   life and paradise.

theinfillclicks - ah the gardens

(I swear we went up a floor and still, when you looked out, there was a courtyard garden at the same level, though not this one, which I particularly like:  an example of water and garden tucked in whenever there’s an opportunity.)

theinfillclicks - light and dark stone and water

theinfillclicks -  golden design

Internally there are designs upon designs and tiling so varied you can lose count.

theinfillclicks - ceiling of many colours

Ceilings of great variety and beauty.

theinfillclicks - beauty in an arch

And archways, always archways and the playing with light.

theinfillclicks -  the domestic with the splendiforous

Mixed in there are later, more domestic looking finishes and designs.

  These are on the way to one of the exits, with La Giralda tower of the cathedral slicing the sky above.

Definitely one of those places that we have to revisit.


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