The eye and the mind

theinfillclicks - Palace of Charles V, Alhambra right way up

Palace of Charles V, Alhambra right way up

A place of curves and lines defying the straight.  The balustrade top pieces meet and have a relationship with the ceiling panelling, as though parts of the panels have fallen to stair top and, in the fall, have opened out like parts of an old camera; from intaglio panelling to extended Brownie Box shape.

However, I do prefer this image on its side.

theinfillclicks - a different perspective

Here that relationship of panelling and balustrade is feels broken.  The change through 90 degrees creates a totally different perspective and eye-mind observations.  I look at different lines within the frame.

In the first, right way up view, my point of eye focus is access through the archway and the mind considers the design and architecture as well as what may be visible once up the steps and through the arch.

In the ‘on its back’ version, for me the view-point of eye focus becomes much more about the complexity of lines and curves in themselves. Even the depth of shades of colour seem different:  the ceiling lighter in tone.

The mind considers the curve of the panelling much more and attempts to create its ‘story’.  A curved floor room perhaps.  I like the Escher feel of recognition of image and the impossibility of the puzzle.


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