Spring Sortings

theinfill to theinfillclicks - spring is in the air

Spring has sprung - tho photo was taken whilst sneezing which is not to be recommended

Notice of arrival (partial)

Photographs of non-dolls’ house/miniature matters having taken on a life of their own, are slowly moving house for a trial run at independence.

My photos are very domestic and done as observations, investigations and records. which sometimes are worth sharing.  They creep in to the photographic category by a thin whisker in the sense that we have digital cameras and we enjoy using them.  However, the total mix and match in use on this site could do with a bit of an amendment.

Old Home


We’ll see how it goes.

Picking a theme for a blog

Fellow Worpress-ers:  do all free themes on offer show a true possible end result or are some of them only achievable if payment is made for custom measures?

I’ve just spent far too long trying to get the new choice to do as it seems to say on the packet and failed miserably.  Have resorted to Forum questions in the hope that help will be at hand.

Tearing hair out (what little I ever had).  The category of ‘Point and squirt photos’ will disappear a little at a time as and when I get the hang of the new site.  Bit like swimming with floats at the moment.

Good time of year to send the ‘kiddies’ off on their way – as they slowly arrive in their new home.

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