A small amount of shopping therapy

There are 3 towns within a 20 mile radius of where we live, so although we have no shop in the village, with a little effort retail therapy on the hoof is possible as opposed to online shenanigans which is nowhere near as enjoyable.  All 3 towns have remarkable histories and have been photographed by many a tourist.  We all have our own take on places and on this day’s wanderings, this is mine.

Today’s therapy was in a town I always think of as skylines, jumbles of roofs and the sea.  On sunny days the light is truly amazing here and the town buildings are very colourful, but today was a little misty and I could feel a touch of greyscale coming on.  Certainly gone very pre-1960s and earlier:  must have been the weather’s influences and the nostalgia of the aging.

Skylines and roof jumbles

The next 2 shots follow on consecutively from the first, circling anti-clockwise.

theinfillclicks - memorable skyline

I find the view is always enjoyable from the old bridge but I wanted to emphasise the silhouette of the roofline on part of the town walls, hence the negative and pencil fiddling

theinfill - Img_8272 - jumble or roofs

An over dark image of the jumble of roof planes and varying materials

Bridges and boats and buildings

theinfill - Img_8271 - bridges from bridge

High rail bridge through 'modern' road bridge taken from Jacobean bridge

On the way to try to take a shot of all 3 bridges, you go by the dock

theinfill - Img_8280 - harbour and lighthouse off at distant right

For some reason this made me think of Popeye

theinfill - Img_8302 - long distance thro the mist 3 bridges

Taken a mile and a bit nearer the river mouth on a misty day with an old Canon Ixus 60 - and crossed fingers

theinfill - Img_8305 - down by the mouth of the river

This is a salmon river

Img_8309 - down near the mouth of the river

theinfill - Img_8301 - boats down by the river mouth

Lunch and a churchyard

I tend to park on the opposite side of the river to the main town centre – it makes me stretch my legs after the drive in – and by the time I’d got back to the car I was chilly and hungry.  I was parked by the churchyard and broke out my lunch whilst warming up in the car.  This church is associated with the fishing community and has a weathervane to match.

Img_8295 - fish windvane

theinfill - Img_8288 - some churchyard sevices or other - as Victorian plate photo

There are many interesting stones in the churchyard, but today my eye was caught by the appropriately churchyard-ish way the ivy was growing on and into this services type metal item against the churchyard wall - it felt v Victorian and so I fiddled with it to try to give the colouring and contrast you sometimes seen in plate photos

Fed and warmed I prepared to drive off to visit my friend Isla (she who started me off on the doll’s house trail) and caught this final shot for the day in my wing mirror.  I liked the curves of mirror and pavement, buildings and fence.

theinfill - Img_8282 - Lowry type street in wing mirror

No more therapy till next week – he-ho.


4 responses

  1. Great shots! Congrats! I really enjoy the B&W

    March 15, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    • That’s v kind. Many thanks for stopping by

      March 15, 2012 at 9:46 pm

  2. I love your photographs. A different way of seeing things.

    March 16, 2012 at 5:56 am

    • Thank you, most kind. I was surprised the camera worked as well as it did. Thanks for stopping by. Be well 🙂

      March 16, 2012 at 7:38 am

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