Sunny morning roof ribbing

Knitting pattern?

  • Purl 2, slip 1 onto loose needle or stitch pin, knit 1, knit slipped stitch
theinfillcliicks - sunshine on roof making a knitting poster

Sunshine on roof making a knitting poster

Some days I return to a previous vice.  Fiddling with photos and turning them into a form of poster layout.  The results are very variable, but the fun is in the doing.

It started in the 90s when we had a Mac.  I’d scan in my mediocre paintings and drawings and try to make them look like ‘something’ that they weren’t in themselves.  Sometime, when I find ‘em, I’ll flash the odd one, perhaps.

This morning’s offering was brought about by the sun on the roof.  I immediately saw it as ribbing in a heavyweight yarn.

The roof slope is of old hand-made pantile construction (tip left).  We had them relayed when the roof was renewed for us some years back, and it’s covered with mosses and lichens, giving it a varied and textured look.

Digital manipulation is great fun to do and, in this case, combines a love of knitting and crafts generally – so, being fun, well, why not share it?


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