Lines, pimples, freckles and frills

Photo archives:

It’s been a lovely sunny day but, being greedy, it just made me long for summer warmth and colour, so here’s a little of what I could find to add cheer and warmth.  For a number of years I let the greenhouse run riot and enjoyed close up investigation of its inhabitants.

theinfill - One half of the greenhouse

One end of the greenhouse

Veins and lines

(click on pic to enlarge – this layout transferred ‘outside the box’ from its original home but I reckon the overhang works)


theinfill - veins and guidlines bourgenvillia



theinfill - white geranium

White geranium

 theinfill - veins and guidlines

Veins and guidelines

theinfill - veins and guidlines and the cell-like markings between

and the cell-like markings between

 Frills, freckles and furbelows

theinfill - passion flower
The aliens have landed 1

theinfill - passion flower 2

The aliens have landed 2

theifill - Lily

Lily - strange parts of startled flower 1

theinfill - Lily

and 2 - very underwater-ish

theinfill - Qumquat

Spotty kumquat

and the lined, pimpled and freckled queen/king, in a dark, damp corner beneath the plants

theinfill - Toad in the dark

Toad in a nice damp hole


2 responses

  1. Your images are great. Found you from a linkback on my blog. Love the spotted kumquat, and the cells in the green leaf up there–name escapes me at the moment. But my very favorite is the passion flower. You have quite a green thumb! Especially this time of winter! BW (Next time you visit, leave me a comment!)

    January 13, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    • Thanks so much for visiting and for accepting the ping back. Plants have two possibilities, either to thrive or fall over, I reckon, so I try to think positive. This mass of flowers became sort of self supporting as a bio-mass as it were and needed less watering and care than you would think. Sorry to say it isn’t growing at the momet. The photos are from 4-5 years ago and in the spring and summer, and are from the archive of our photos which I’m trying to sort out. This far north in England is too cold in an unheated greenhouse for more than the most hardy of plants – there’s just not enough light at this time of year either, I’m afraid. Thanks again for visiting – I’ve left a comment on your site today, as it happens 😉

      January 13, 2012 at 6:15 pm

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