Busy Bodies

Insect Warning

Still not bouncing sufficiently for getting down to serious workings so have been sorting out old CDs containing now defunct computer contents.  Along with old teaching stuff are many photos, plenty containing good memories and others that I’d prefer not to see.  I’m re-storing the happier ones and would like to offer up the odd one now and then to share.

We’ve always taken pics of around and about as there’s plenty to record here, long vistas and rolling hills, but my particular preference is for close up detail.  My favourite items are usually plant, stone, insect or animal.

With apologies to those who don’t like insects, here’s four of the photos that are still lying around.  They’re probably from the period when I was using a Minolta Dimage S414 and/or a Fuji Finepix (can’t recall model).

theinfill - mothflytheinfill - insect and tradescanthia 2theinfill - dark dragonflytheinfill - got to get this home dung beetle

and my favourite “Got to get this home dung beetle

This dung beetle was totally absorbed with its task and I lay there right next to it taking photos for quite some time. Such concentrated effort.

I should have read this first one years ago:


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